VIDEO: Samantha Archual: Trauma + Time = Comedian

CoolCleveland correspondent Liv Ream interviews Samantha Archual about her experience as a stand-up comedian.

Get the female perspective on fellow comics, hecklers, and that one financially tight Christmas during 2008. View the video interview here.

Just another reminder that one woman’s childhood pain & humiliation, is sometimes also that same woman’s inspiration.



See Sam perform at Sixth City Cycles, on Friday, April 12, 2024. For Showtime & ticket info, click here.

To follow Sam on Instagram, click here.


Liv Ream is the Arts and Entertainment Editor for the University of Akron publication The Buchtelite, founded in 1889. She  is majoring in Public Relations and spends her time writing, painting, and forcing her friends to participate in her experimental horror projects. Liv plans on pursuing a career in journalism and the arts.

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