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Shaker Square was built almost a century ago, a shopping destination modeled on small-town squares designed to provide services and good to the wealthy people who were then settling in the area around South Moreland, Larchmere, Buckeye and Shaker Boulevard.

Shaker Square has undergone numerous changes and facelifts over the years. It now reflects the increased diversity of the neighborhood and, with a rapid stop in the middle of it, it’s accessible to visitors from all over. Its four easily walkable quadrants include Hungarian, Japanese and soul food restaurants, as well as the cutting-edge fire food and drink, created by Cleveland star chef Doug Katz.

It’s also got a movie theater, grocery store, a toy store, a hand-crafted good shop, and a coffee shop where you can sit and outside and enjoy the scenery on a nice warm day. Come on Saturday morning to shop the long-running North Union Farmers Market, the one that launched the farmers market craze in northeast Ohio.

Walk a block north to Larchmere and you’ll find a long stretch with more casual restaurants, friendly bars and shopping of all kinds including books, antiques, new and vintage clothing, home furnishings, and crafts. Larchmere hosts regular sidewalk sales and street festivals where you can browse the offerings and enjoy music and food outside.

The area is also home to a couple of distinctive large-scale events that attract thousands of people from all over: the Larchmere Porchfest in June featuring free music up and down Larchmere and its side streets, and the two-day September Garlic Fest at Shaker Square, presented by the North Union Market.





Big Al's Diner

Larchmere Fire Works

Cleveland Breakfast Club

Cleveland Vegan Club

Cilantro Taqueria

EDWINS Butcher Shop


Fiddlehead Gallery

Picnic Hill Market Cafe

* Shaker Square Cinemas

319 Coffee Shop

The Dancing Sheep

* Edwin's



Zanzibar Soul Food

Balaton Restaurant

Fine Points Inc.

Conservation Studios

Wool & Willow Needlepoint

North Union Farmers Market at Shaker Square

Academy Tavern

Barroco Grill

Lee Hayden Gallery

Play Matters

Loganberry Books

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  1. Janet Kious

    GardenWalk Cleveland. Larchmere neighborhood will participate in GardenWalk Cleveland for the third time this year. GardenWalk is a free, self guided tour of private and community gardens and urban farms in neighborhoods throughout the city on the second weekend in July each year. You can get a guide to the gardens at the Larchmere headquarters at the intersection of East 127th Street and Larchmere Boulevard. The gardens will be open from 11 am to 5 pm each day. For information go to

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