Come Talk About the 1919 Black Sox Scandal at the Baseball Heritage Museum

Sat 10/12 @ 1PM

Scandal in baseball, the mom-and-apple-pie all-American pastime? Say it isn’t so!

Despite the far more recent scandals involving performance-enhancing drugs in the sport, nothing has eclipsed the “Black Sox Scandal,” involving a group of players on the White Sox who deliberately tanked the 1919 World Series for payments from gambling interests. Those players were banned for life and the incident caused a hypersensitivity to players involved in gambling that has blocked the entry of the legendary Pete Rose into the Baseball Hall of Fame. It also resulted in the creation of the ultra-powerful baseball commissioner.

Yet there were many aspects of the scandal that were never black and white, including how deeply involved the star player “Shoeless” Joe Jackson was, or whether he was really involved at all. (His bids for reinstatement were denied).

The Baseball Heritage Museum is hosting a discussion of the scandal so if you have strong opinions or if you’re interested in learning the theories and speculation of other baseball fans, come on down. It’s free. Register here.

Baseball Heritage Museum

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