VIDEO: Gallery of Witchcraft and Magick Grand Opening

Sat 4/29 @ 5 PM

Steven Intermill and Jillian Slane of the Buckland Gallery of Witchcraft and Magick showed CoolCleveland’s Stephan Haluska around the new gallery of art and objects of ceremonial and occult origins. The gallery features key pieces from the original Buckland Museum founded in 1966 by noted author Raymond Buckland. The collection consists of artifacts from the beginning of the Wiccan religion and going through the occult explosion of the 1960s and ’70s to pieces that are contemporary today.


The Buckland Gallery’s mission is to “foster the First Amendment, equal rights, and folk art through the celebration and preservation of the alternative religious experience.”

You are invited to celebrate the grand opening of the Buckland Gallery with a special DJ set of occult ambience by Aaron Dilloway.


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