Shaker Heights Democrats Host Forum on Voting Rights With Sherrod Brown, Subodh Chandra


Mon 10/17 @ 7PM

Every election there are slews of rumors about hanky-panky going on in Ohio’s elections. While some politicians use virtually nonexistent “voter fraud” to justify things like voter ID laws, we see the very real spectacle of our secretary of state Jon Husted — the official tasked with overseeing elections — pursuing legal case after legal case, some all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, to try to limit voting opportunities. He has mostly lost but he recently won the battle to eliminate “golden week,” the period when voters could register and vote on the same day. It’s overwhelmingly used by African-American voters.

One of the area’s most prominent voting rights lawyers who has been challenging Husted is Cleveland’s Subodh Chandra. So he’s the ideal person to talk about the state of voter rights in Ohio. He’ll be hosted by the Shaker Heights Democratic Club in a free forum that also features Senator Sherrod Brown, also a champion for voter rights.

The forum is provocatively — but accurately — titled “Keep On Scheming: How Ohio Secretary of State Husted, Attorney General Mike DeWine and the General Assembly Are Denying and Abridging the Fundamental Right to Vote.” It takes place at the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Community Center. It’s free and open to the public.


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