Edible Books Festival Is Back at Larchmere’s Loganberry Books

Sat 4/6 @ 1PM

Who doesn’t love both food and books? A contest that brings together the two is coming to Cleveland on Sat 4/6. This event is celebrated annually all around the world on Edible Book Day, a holiday that comes every April 1st. Although it sounds like a prank, this is no April Fool’s joke. Loganberry Books and Strong Bindery will be transformed into a competition hall presenting delicious designs by local bakers and booklovers.

Contestants get creative in the ways they tie the two themes together, melding words and batter to manifest edible and readable creations. Last year, entrants created various baked goods that played off of famous well-known titles like Farewell to Arms, which was embodied by armless gingerbread men. Others focused on presentation, carefully decorating cakes to recreate book covers.

This event seeks to remind attendees of the fun and creativity of literature by engaging with their taste buds. Contestants and viewing-attendees are welcome without charge; tasting and voting involves a $3 entry fee. Actual books are encouraged with the displays!

Awards will be granted in the following categories:

Logan Award for Most Literary

Otis Award for Most Appetizing

Strong Award for Best Binding

Zober Award for Best Pun

Join in the fun at 1pm for viewing and voting, with winners announced at 2pm and feast to follow. To enter your creation, call 216.795.9800 or email books@logan.com. The only rule is to make edible art that has something to do with books.


[Written by Jenna Thomas]


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