44 Steel’s 10th Annual Contemporary Furniture Show F*SHO Returns

Photo by Dan Morgan

Fri 9/14 @ 5-10PM

Thank God for narrow-minded New Yorkers and other metropolitan residents across the nation. It’s through their disrespect of Cleveland that so many great local events and organizations have been born.

Take for instance the contemporary furniture show F*SHO, which 44 Steel owner Jason Radcliffe created with a chip on his shoulder.

“I was in New York City showing at (high end luxury furniture fair) ICFF in 2008 when I got some pushback about there’s nothing going on in Cleveland,” Radcliffe said. What happened next was the young designer got together with a handful of friends and held a show at 1300 Third Gallery.

Radcliffe said interest in F*SHO exploded. Not only was the room filled, but the furniture maker community attended as well.

While the first F*SHO boasted five designers and 350 attendees, the second year jumped to 22 designers and more than 1,500 visitors. Now a decade later the 10th annual affair returns September 14 with 40 local designers, makers and fabricators at HGR Industrial Surplus in Euclid.

“There are lots of new things this year,” Radcliffe said. “We have about 10 new designers in total and a bunch of new sponsors. We have people coming up from Columbus, Cincinnati and Louisville to show. It’s going to be one of our biggest years.”

F*SHO is showcasing the work of successful furniture design entrepreneurs, including Radcliffe who received national recognition when he competed in the first season of Spike TV’s furniture-building reality show Framework.

In terms of furniture on display, Radcliffe said designers usually bring anywhere from two to six pieces meaning there will be more than 200 items.

“It’s functional furniture that lasts,” Radcliffe said. “It’s heirloom, family iconic — dining room tables, desks, credenzas. You can pass it down. There’s not really much you can do to any of the furniture to ruin it. Most stuff we use are all solid wood, powder-coated steel and all of that stuff could be fixed and brought back to life.”

The cost of the furniture can range from $50 to $7,000. Radcliffe said he’s looking forward to seeing the price tag for an expected 14-foot table which will be on display.

F*SHO also includes beer sponsor Thirsty Dog, as well as SOHO Chicken & Whiskey, Mitchell’s Ice Cream and the 216 Bistro and Barrio food trucks.

Regarding why the event has lasted, Radcliffe said he truly believes there’s an alluring romance considering it’s only held once a year.

“It sort of brings that hype to it more,” Radcliffe said. “That’s what I really like about it.”




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