Punch Brothers Guitarist Chris Eldridge Named to Visiting Teaching Role at Oberlin

Photo by Walter Novak

Chris Eldridge, guitarist for the progressive bluegrass quintet the Punch Brothers, is no stranger to Oberlin College. For one thing, he’s a graduate (class of ’04). For another, the Punch Brothers, which he co-founded in 2006, have frequently performed at the school and served a residency as Affiliate Scholars there.

Now Eldridge is returning a new role. He has been named Visiting Associate Professor of Contemporary American Acoustic Music at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, starting in January 2021 and covering three semesters. The appointment was made possible by actor/musician Ed Helms (class of ’96) who also funded the Punch Brothers residency.

Eldridge’s role includes teaching classes in American string band music and offering lessons to guitars and singer/songwriters, chosen via audition. Both conservatory students and those enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences are eligible.

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