VIDEO & REVIEW: 15-60-75 The Numbers Band 50th Anniversary Concert

It was 50 years ago that 15-60-75 first stepped onto a stage. To celebrate, they invited old friends to sit in with them at The Kent Stage on leap day 2020 (02.29.20) with a full house cheering them on.

As the only permanent member from the beginnings of the band, guitarist, composer and singer Robert Kidney MC’d the event, making everyone feel welcome. He started the show by recognizing his family and ex-members of The Numbers Band. From the moment I heard Robert talking about the band he said that it’s the audience that makes the show and it’s the fans that fuel him. There are no words to describe the feeling you get while being around Robert Kidney. He’s a talented, selfless, righteous man. Truly, a unique individual and a rebel at heart. Getting to hear him talk about his passion you can really tell he loves the music and the fans. The concert itself was amazing. I loved the entire show.

Permanent members brother Jack Kidney (playing everything from percussion to sax to harmonica to keyboards to vocals) and saxophonist Terry Hynde were joined by recent drummer Clint Alguire and bassist Bill Watson, all served as the house band for former members who each took turns in the spotlight.

Former members and guests who sat in with The Numbers Band included Frank Casamento and Rod Reisman on drums, and Chris Butler (of Tin Huey and The Waitresses) and Frank Reynolds on bass.

Their set list included classics from the early days and some new numbers from their upcoming album, “Endure (Outliers on Water Street).” The concert also previewed the trailer for the new documentary “Out of Obscurity, Into Oblivion” by filmmaker Jason Prufer, to be premiered on 03.21.20 at the Cleveland Cinematheque.

When CoolCleveland produced an interview prior to The Kent Stage 50th Anniversary event, I was lucky enough to witness Robert Kidney in person (and if you haven’t seen the uncensored interview yet, you definitely need to. It’s worth it, trust me. View the video below).

If you didn’t get the chance to see The Numbers Band perform or want to see them again, you will be able to see them at The Beachland Ballroom on March 14th, at 8pm, doors at 7pm. They are again celebrating their 50th anniversary and the launch of their new documentary “Out of Obscurity, Into Oblivion”. I highly recommend seeing them perform while you have the chance. I am going to see them again at The Beachland Ballroom.

I’ve never met another person like Robert Kidney. Getting the chance to talk to him seems like a once in a lifetime opportunity. After talking to him, I was inspired to say the least. I didn’t get a chance to meet anyone else from The Numbers Band, but Robert Kidney left a lasting impression on me and I’m sure he leaves a lasting impression on most people that he meets.

To celebrate their half century of music, family, friends and fellow musicians basked in the glow of a band who never sold many records, but never sold out, who birthed members who went on to found bands like DEVO and The Waitresses, and who continue to inspire with their wicked, psychedelic twisted blues, one of the finest bar bands of all time, still shouting, still pointing, and still getting the last laugh.

I had never been to another concert like it before. I wish I could have been there for their first concert.

Review by Emily Szabados

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