New Soft Shoe Celebrates a Decade of Gram Parsons Music at Forest City Brewery

Thu 1/9 @ 8PM

It’s hard to believe that a small band of top Cleveland musicians has been playing as the New Soft Shoe, a Gram Parsons cover band, for ten years.

They find it hard to believe themselves.

“The New Soft Shoe started playing Gram’s songs for fun,” says vocalist/acoustic guitarist Brent Kirby. “We really didn’t have a plan to be around for 10 years, but it became a monthly tradition for the band and our audience. The music has connected us with people all around the country.”

Parsons, of course, was the legendary musician who, as part of the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers, as well as a solo act, is credited as one of the main catalysts for fusing country and rock music to create a new genre, still heard in today’s lively alt country/Americana scene. His controversial death and theft of his body helped fuel his legend.

The band played its first show at the Happy Dog in Gordon Square in January 2010, and played their each subsequent second Thursday, performing only songs they found evidence Parsons had played albeit with their own unique arrangements.

They’ve now moved their act to the Waldorf Hall at Ohio City’s Forest City Brewery, where they’ll perform a tenth anniversary show. In addition to the regular members — pedal steel player/vocalist Al Moss, guitarist/vocalist Andy Leach, keyboard player Chris Hanna, drummer Jon Niefeld and bassist/vocalist Tom Prebish — they’ll be joined by various guest musicians including Justin Gorski aka DJ Kishka, who played keyboards with New Soft Shoe for four years. On this evening he’ll be bringing his signature accordion..

The band will play at Forest City Brewery on the second Tuesday of each month through 2020. It’s free, but tips are highly appreciated.


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