Cleveland Comic Book Artist Ted Sikora Signs His New “Tap Dance Killer” All Day at Gypsy Beans

Fri 12/13 @ 8AM-9PM

Local indie filmmaker and comic book artist Ted Sikora has created a character called the Tap Dance Killer, an actress named Nikki St. Clair who is cast in the role in a horror musical but the role becomes more integral to her identity than she expected.

Sikora has just released the book Tap Dance Killer: Friday the 13th Vol 1. To celebrate he’ll be holding a book release event and signing at Gypsy Beans coffee shop in Gordon Square, on, appropriately Friday the 13th, from 8am-9pm. And yes, you read that right: he’s hosting the longest author signing we’ve ever seen.  “I will be signing all day and all night,” he says. Stop in and have a cup of coffee with him because he’s going to need it.


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