Terrestrial Brewing Hosts Event to Protect the Spotted Turtle


Thu 10/17 @ 6-9PM

With climate change and habitat destruction, more and more species are under threat — which includes turtles. The Splash Fund of the Great Cleveland Aquarium is looking out for them.

The group is sponsoring an educational event called “Consume & Conserve Friendraiser” at Terrestrial Brewing Company in Battery Park in order to share the world they’re doing and get people interested in contributing.

They’ll be offering updates on the work being done to boost and monitor northeast Ohio’s spotted turtle populations, under threat from declining water quality, loss of wetlands habitat, natural predators and illegal poaching. They’ll be hosting a raffle, selling ‘Save the Spotteds” T-shirts and spotted turtle plush animals, and offering a special Terrestrial brew I Am Still Saving the Turtles IPA to raise money for their ongoing work.

The event is free and open to the public. Food from La Plaza Taqueria will be available for purchase.


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