Science Cafe at the Music Box Looks at Tobacco Delivery Systems

Mon 10/14 @ 7PM

With all the talk currently in the news about the dangers of vaping, the debates about whether it helps smokers quit or causes kids to start, and states banning or discussing banning this cigarette substitute, tobacco use has become a hot topic. So the latest edition of Science Café Cleveland, whose mission is to “Talk Science, Drink Beer,” couldn’t be more timely.

At the evening at the Music Box, which is hosted by the Case Western Reserve University chapter of Sigma Xi, CWRU’s ACES+ program and WCPN Ideastream, Dr. Monica Webb Hooper, a professor and director of the Office of Cancer Disparites Research at Case, will talk about “Beyond the Smoke: The Changing Landscape of Tobacco Products.”

Noting that Clevelanders smoke at a higher rate than the national average and that the scope of nicotine products now includes cigarillos, dissolvables, electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and water pipes, Dr. Hooper will talk about the tactics used by the tobacco industry to sell their products and what can be done to combat that.

The program is free and open to the public. Doors are 5:30pm, and a full menu and bar are available.

A full menu and bar are available.


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