Local Rockers Lilieae Drop New EP at Stella’s Music Club

Fri 10/11 @ 9PM

Lilieae is a Cleveland-based band with a scuffed-up, tuneful pop/rock sound, which formed less than two years ago. They cite such bands as 90s college rock favorites as Veruca Salt, the Pixies, No Doubt, Nirvana and Weezer as influences.

It’s been through a number of members, but its core duo is vocalist Lydia Puccini and bassist Kayleigh Hyland, who get a helping hand from friends when they perform or record. And record they have: they’re released their debut EP this week. They’ll celebrate with a release party at Stella’s Music Club downtown, where they’ll be joined on the bill by Fawk and Lone Thunder.

Tickets are $10, $15 under 21.



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