Dobama Midwest Premiere “Wakey Wakey” Urges Appreciation of Life

Fri 10/18-Sun 11/10

Will Eno’s 2017 play Wakey Wakey sounds like one of those feel-good evenings in the theater with a moral about appreciating life by becoming more aware of one’s mortality. It’s been described as “an existential meditation on the way human beings tend to labor through life forgetting to appreciate the smaller things — moments of laughter, the natural beauty of the world, and especially one other.” In it, a man in hospice decides to use the remainder of his days to celebrate life. Maybe he could put on a production of Our Town?

Dobama Theatre, which has previously staged Eno’s Middletown, The Realistic Joneses and Thom Pain (based on nothing), will be bringing the Midwest premiere of the work to its stage. It opens Fri 10/18 and runs through Sun 11/10. Tickets are $30-$38.

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