Needed Now More Than Ever: Take the “Stop the Hate” Tour at the Maltz Museum

Tue 8/13 @ 2PM

Most rational people would agree right now that there’s way too much hate in the U.S. from the White House on down to a man in Texas who drove nine hours to El Paso to shoot some Mexicans he believed were standing in the way of his being great again. We don’t need to wonder where he got this idea.

We’ve seen synagogues shot up and mosque burned down, black churchgoers at Bible study slaughtered and more — all because somebody hated who they were. And we’ve seen that individual in the White House insulting, degrading and attacking entire cities and putting a target on the back of a black Muslim immigrant congresswoman— a trifecta of groups he’s directed his hate towards.

“One of the best ways to combat hate is through education and awareness,” says the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage. “Hate has taken many forms in human history, from everyday acts of discrimination to global terror campaigns,” says the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage. “One of the best ways to combat hate is through education and awareness.”

In this climate, I’m not so sure of that, but in any case, the Maltz Museum sponsors a “Stop the Hate” tour of the documents and artifacts in its collection every Tuesday at 2pm. “Tour-goers are given opportunity to reflect on intolerance and oppression in the world and in their own lives,” they say. Hopefully they are also given the chance to reflect on measures we can take to at least make the hate less destructive in our civic life.

The tour is appropriate for ages 12 and up, and it’s free with regular museum admission, which is $10 for the summer. No reservations are needed. Simply show up and tell them you’d like to take the tour.


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