Get Splattered at Blank Canvas Theatre’s “Toxic Avenger”

Fri 7/12-Sat 7/27

Get ready for another evening of wild and splatter-filled fun at Blank Canvas Theatre when its new show The Toxic Avenger takes to its stage at 78th Street Studios. Based on the cult 1984 superhero comedy film, it was turned into a musical by David Bryan and Joe DiPietro.

It involves a guy who wants to clean up “the most polluted town in New Jersey,” despite opposition from the mayor’s cronies. As he attempts to clean a toxic dump off the New Jersey Turnpike, he’s tossed into radioactive waste and becomes … the Toxic Avenger! There’s also romance, adventure and a near-tragic ending that turns on a dime … and a glass of polluted Hudson River water. It’s funny and outrageous, as well as timely and relevant.

Blank Canvas is warning that there will be a splatterzone, so don’t wear your bet clothes. It runs Thursday-Saturdays @ 8pm and Sundays @ 2pm through Sat 7/27. Tickets are $20.



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