Take a Walking Tour of Veteran’s Memorial Bridge’s Subway Level

Sat 6/22 @ 10AM-11PM

If you have never taken the self-guided tour of the Veterans Memorial Bridge subway level, don’t miss the opportunity, which comes around infrequently.

Once upon a time, streetcars ran underneath the Detroit-Superior Bridge. When they stopped running in 1954, the space became disused and forgotten, although it contains relics of old station stops. In recent year, the county engineer’s office has opened it to visitors once or twice a year, and many remember fondly the years when the Ingenuity Festival was held in the space, with its open views of the river and downtown Cleveland.

The bridge’s underbelly is being opened for free, self-guided tours as part of the Cuyahoga50 celebration of the last Cuyahoga River fire. As part of that celebration, the bridge will feature an immersive color-changing light exhibition by UK-based artist group Squidsoup. There’ll be food trucks, family activities and films as well.

No reservations are required, but you will need to bring an ID and sign a waver. You can do the latter in advance here.


Wear flat shoes!

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  1. Check out this cool video from the 2019 tour highlighting one of Squidsoup’s lighting installations! http://bit.ly/CleSubway.

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