CoolCLE PODCAST #32: Rust Belt Riders Tackling Food Waste in Cleveland

In 2012, the Natural Resources Defense Council published a groundbreaking report that revealed that up to 40% of the food in the U.S. goes uneaten. That is on average 400 pounds of food per person every year. Not only is that irresponsible — it’s expensive. Growing, processing, transporting and disposing that uneaten food has an annual estimated cost of $218 billion, costing a household of four an average of $1,800 annually.

rust belt riders

On this episode, we’re talking to Daniel Brown, co-founder of Rust Belt Riders — an innovative start-up here in Cleveland that’s tackling our city’s food waste one compost heap at a time. We’ll also hear from him on how you can make changes to reduce food waste at home and details of the events they put on to help citizens learn about composting and gardening like Tomato Trellising on June 8th, Korean Farming on July 13th and its popular Compositing 101 event on August 10th.

We’ve also got new music from two local acts.


Husband, wife duo, SexyPigDivas! from Kent are celebrating its new release available after May 15th.

mr carnivore

And Mr. Carnivore graces with us with its single from new album, Blue Light.

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