Beachland Hosts Tribute to Cleveland Country Rock Pioneers Eli Radish

Sun 6/26 @ 8PM

Cleveland’s Eli Radish, which existed from 1967-1973, was influenced by country and bluegrass music before “alt country” was a big thing in the rock music scene. Its only album, 1969’s I Didn’t Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier, on Capitol Records, was an oblique commentary on the Vietnam war, at a time when antiwar sentiment was burgeoning: it consisted of military songs from the Civl War and World Wars I & II, as well as Vietnam.

Founded by bassist Dan Sheridan (center above), who went on to perform in Bandaloo Doctors, with his then-wife Bonnie Bramlett, the band included a variety of members, including vocalists Rick “Muskie” Kennedy and Starr Smith, drummer Skip Heil, guitarist Tom Foster and allegedly, briefly, outlaw country artist David Allan Coe, all of whose assertions need to be tagged “allegedly.”

Sadly Sheridan passed away in California in 2016 at age 65, due to the long-term effects of alcoholism. His partner and fiancé at the end of his life, musician Angelle Sheridan, is hosting a tribute to Eli Radish at the Beachland Tavern, a club where Eli Radish would likely have been regularly if they were starting out now. Melanie May, Jasmine Cain and Boris Menart will perform.

Tickets are $10 in advance, $12 at the door.

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