Are We Approaching the Next Silent Spring? Learn More at Sierra Club-Sponsored Film & Discussion

Sun 4/28 @ 2-4PM

 A free and enlightening panel discussion and documentary showing will take place at the Cleveland Museum of Art Recital Hall on Sun 4/28 @ 2-4pm. In celebration and commemoration of Earth Day, the Sierra Club of Northeast Ohio is continuing the dialogue among environmentalists in Cleveland regarding pesticides.

Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring in 1962 to bring to light the harmful effects of pesticides, and in doing so, inspired a new wave of environmental justice. Today we are still faced the same problem. Pesticides are not only killing insects, but they are disrupting the balance of nature. Pollinator populations are declining, which can impact our food supply and the general health of our environment. How does this translate to the entire ecosystem?

Laurel Hopwood, who is the senior advisor to the Sierra Club’s Pollinator Protection Program will show Nicotine Bees, which looks at the threat of pesticides against our lovely buzzing buddies and begins to answer our questions about the greater impact.

Following the show, panelists will provide insight on a myriad of initiatives taking place to combat this issue. Dr. Mary Gardiner is an associate professor at OSU, where her graduate students have been introducing pollinator pockets throughout vacant lot in Cleveland. Founder of City Rising Farm, Elle Adams, hopes to create self-sufficient neighborhoods that can grow fresh food and creates opportunities in underserved communities. Tom Gibson, principal of Green Paradigm Partners, uses his soil building and community organizing skills to help divide neighborhoods.

These guest speakers will inspire and educate attendees as we celebrate this upcoming Earth Day.

[Written by Jenna Thomas]

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