Worthington Yards Residents Selected the Work for the Next Yards Project Show

Photo by Lori Kella

Thu 1/10 @ 6-9PM

The Yards Project, run by director/curator Liz Maugans at the Warehouse District’s Worthington Yards apartments, is now a year old. In that time it’s showcased a variety of the area’s best artists in group shows in its lobby space, along with displaying their art on the residential floors, aiming to create an intimacy between the art work and those who live in the building.

Its next show is the result of a project planned to create even more interaction between the residents and art. For Residents Select, regional artists were invited to submit work, with a pane of six Worthington Yards residents choosing the artists to be shown. “This exhibition engages people from outside the “art-world” to be invested with knowing more about the process of curating, looking at art and making decisions about the art they want to experience in their surroundings,” says the show’s press release.

They chose 13 artists from the more than 70 who submitted for the first of what’s planned to be an annual exhibition, some familiar names and some new to area art lovers. They include Yvonne Bakale, Julie Friedman, Lori Kella, David King, Aimee Lee, Baila Litton, John A. Sargent III, Nicole Schneider, Susan Squires, Sharon Pomales Tousey, Alan Burton Tuckerm Eric Vaughn, and Rebekah Wilhelm.

Tours of the collection will be available on opening night during the reception Thu 1/10 @ 6-9pm.


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