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January 11 & 12, 2019

Please note: The Fri 1/11 show was completely sold out. A limited number of tickets are available for the Sat 1/12 show: “Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell: David Bowie’s Deep Cuts”


It seems that everyone is a David Bowie fan these days. That’s what happens when a cult artist becomes a touchstone for a generation, and they pass it along. He taught us it’s OK to be yourself, it’s OK to change, it’s OK to be weird.

In celebration of David Bowie’s birth (January 8) and passing (January 10), two shows in January 2019 will celebrate the artist’s life, his music and his best, though not necessarily most popular, creations.

SOLD OUT: On Friday January 11, 2019, “An Evening With(out) David Bowie” examines the groundbreaking artist’s life from his birth, through all his chameleonic phases, right up to his untimely passing in 2016. Newly updated with recently released box sets and rarities. Tickets here.

On Saturday, January 12, 2019, “Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell: David Bowie’s Deep Cuts” This brand-new show focuses on the unsung, buried classics that never became hits. Epic suites too long for radio, videotaped masterpieces that barely saw the light of day, overlooked triumphs that languished as deep cuts if they were released at all. Tickets here.

Reply below and let us know your favorite David Bowie deep tracks. Not the big hits, just the under-appreciated gems.

Both nights are presented and directed by Thomas Mulready who digs up rare video, hi-def audio and little-known backstories, peppering his presentations with trivia questions, needle drops and giveaways.

And each evening is capped with a sizzling live music set from Cleveland’s glam punk superstars Vanity Crash, who collaborated with Bowie’s longtime pianist Mike Garson, injecting the night with Bowie gems, related classics and their own captivating original compositions.

Tickets are available now. Presented in the comfortable and award-winning BOP STOP, and intimate club presenting jazz and eclectic offerings nightly with bar service and a kitchen open late. Over the past five years, these presentations have built a steady following, often selling out.

Both shows begin at 8PM at BOP STOP: 2920 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113

January 11, 2019: An Evening With(out) David Bowie: https://www.themusicsettlement.org/calendar/2019/01/11/an-evening-without-david-bowie-bop-stop

January 12, 2019: David Bowie’s Deep Cuts: Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell: https://www.themusicsettlement.org/calendar/2019/01/12/david-bowies-deep-tracks-your-pretty-face-is-going-to-hell-bop-stop

Top photo by Janet Macoska. Bottom photo by Anastasia Pantsios. Both photos of David Bowie live in concert in Cleveland.

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