CoolCLE PODCAST #13: How Theology Influences Pop Culture with Pastor Clark

This week, we have a spiritual episode on how much Christian theology informs the arts of our popular culture with Pastor Clark of Brecksville United Methodist Church and he has a special and common sense suggestion for us as we commit to New Year Resolutions.

Pastor Clark talks on how we are made in the image of God, destined to create music, poetry, fiction, dance and other works of art. And although our modern art, music and fiction may not resemble that of the renaissance or medieval works, it can still be influenced by Christian theology and can be held close to people’s hearts just as scripture. He touches on how his church has evolved and recognizes that God still speaks to us beyond what was captured in the Bible. Feel free to check out Brecksville United Methodist’s worship times and the number of events they host including Walking the Labyrinth in their Fellowship Hall and a fascinating series of classes on the locations featured in the birth of Jesus on

The music is provided by Cleveland-based male gospel group, Still Under Construction, that performed at last week’s Gospel Music Historical Society’s event at the Bop Stop.

And music from Valerie Victoria, who is now based in California, but began her Christian music journey in Cleveland. You can find her music on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play. The CoolCLE Show plays a song from her 2016 release which was recorded with Cleveland producer, Jim Stewart. It’s called The Waters.

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