Turkey Tech Weekend At Great Lakes Science Center

Fri 11/23-Sun 11/25

The dishes are done, the leftovers are packed up and the football games are over. But you’ve still got a house full of relatives and friends for the weekend. What can you do that everyone will agree on? Bring the family to Turkey Tech at Great Lakes Science Center! GLSC has interactive, hands-on fun that appeals to guests of all ages, from the NASA Glenn Visitor Center to the Cleveland Clinic DOME Theater and the special Polymer Funhouse area, specifically designed for guests 7 and younger.

“Like many of our events, Turkey Tech has evolved over the last few years to add new activities while keeping and updating favorites that guests have enjoyed such as the Kitchen Chemistry Lab and the Physics of Flight science show,” says Joe Yachanin, director of communications. “This year we’ve added a community build activity, a chance to build your own float and we completely revamped our LEGO EV3 activity and themed it around a Thanksgiving tradition, the holiday football game.”

Feast on a full complement of hands-on fun, including the BASF Kitchen Chemistry Lab which uncovers the mysteries behind how chemicals and science work in your kitchen, and the Physics of Flight Science Spectacular, where physics will determine if turkeys really can fly.

Experiment with buoyancy and balance as you design and build your own Thanksgiving “float,” and test your design in our wind column. Use LEGO EV3 robots to learn about coding in a Football Fantasy activity where you control the game and move your ’bot across the goal line, and exercise your creativity by adding to our Tech-nol-o-“tree” community build project of circuits and lights. And, the Airborne Avian Show will put simple machines front and center while technology and physics are used to launch large and small “birds.”

Turkey Tech weekend is also the perfect opportunity to visit Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body, running now through Sun 1/6. Guests can learn all about how their digestive system processes all that Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie, along with all the other stinky, slimy, oozy and crusty questions they might have about the human body.

Here’s a little breakdown about more of the activities and exhibits happening during the Turkey Tech weekend:

Physics of Flight Science Spectacular:Physics, flight and technology collide! Using physics, we attempt to answer the age-old question, can turkeys fly?

Airborne Avian Show:Simple machines are the star of the show as we use technology and physics to lift and launch small and large “birds.”

BASF Kitchen Chemistry Lab: Trade in your chef’s hat for a lab coat while we explore how chemistry is at work in the kitchen, and uncover the mysteries behind cooking the perfect feast.

LEGO EV3 Football Fantasy:Learn about robotics as you control the game by coding or operating robots to cross the goal line and win a point for your team.

Tech-nol-o-“tree” Community Build:Show your gratitude with a science spin. Color, decorate and express your thanks on a leaf, then add a circuit and place it on our community tree to help complete a giant, light-up gratitude tree.

Thanksgiving “Float”:Experiment with buoyancy and balance as you design and build your own float. Test your design in our wind column.

“A family membership to Great Lakes Science Center is a great value that pays for itself in less than two visits. Members receive free admission every day we’re open, so the main advantage during a special event like Turkey Tech is that they can take their time and enjoy all the special themed activities and shows and not feel rushed to see the rest of the museum as well, because they can come back for free any time,” explains Joe. “Members also enjoy discounts on parking in our attached garage, and in our café and Science Store.”

Parking is easy and convenient in the covered garage attached to the Science Center. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult during their visit to the Science Center. Turkey Tech hours are Fri 11/23 @ 10am-5pm, Sat 11/24 &  Sun 11/25 @ noon-5pm.

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