CoolCLE PODCAST #04: Modern Female Rockstar

During this week’s episode of the CoolCLE Show, we learn about an event called Empower U that brings a festival of education, panel discussions, music and businesses all aimed at female empowerment and inspiration.

Nina Rossi of Bright Thoughts, organizer of the event on October 20th, talks about what motivated the non-profit to start this yearly event and what local women can take away from attending and participating in the planned activities.

To complement the topic, you can listen to new music from three Cleveland, female-fronted bands. “Dandelions” from Mimi Arden’s new summer release. The band’s lead singer, Michelle Gaw, will be performing at Empower U.

And we have brand new music from Ohio City’s Niights‘ February 2019 release, Hellebores. We have details on how you can pre-order the album on the podcast.

Finally, locals, The Sonder Bombs with its empowering anthem, “Title”, from its recently released album “Modern Female Rockstar”.

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