PHOTOSTREAM: Yayoi Kusama Exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art by Anastasia Pantsios

Sat 7/7-Sun 9/30

Cleveland has been a-buzz for months about the blockbuster show of work by 89-year-old Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama coming to the Cleveland Museum of Art, and now it’s here! Producing art at a furious rate since she was a child, she’s been through many stages and phases, including a stint as part of the ’60s “Happenings” movement in NYC. The show represents all phases of her long and varied career, with some of the art spilling out into the atrium.

The show doesn’t include any of the nude people she led through the city, their bodies covered with polka dots (although there’s a white room filled with white painted objects on which visitors can stick colored dots). But it’s her mirrored infinity rooms with their universe of sparkling lights and reflected objects that most will probably remember most vividly whether they snap selfies while closed inside or just stand there and gawk.

View the PHOTOSTREAM here.


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