BOOK REVIEW: Annie Hogsett’s “Murder to the Metal” reviewed by Kelly Ferjutz


Do you speak “techno”? If so, you’ll LOVE this book. But not to worry if you don’t, there are lots of other things to love in these pages, especially if you’re a Clevelander — whether native or recent addition. But anyone can love our Great Lake — Erie — which is an important character in this story.

Not only is this captivating book filled with terrific references to our city, many of the very likeable characters from the author’s first book are present and accounted for. And in her gently snarky, world-weary, sassy yet passionate voice, the author brings them back to life in this adventure.  We can but hope for many, many more.

Allie Harper is not only a sensitive former librarian, she’s pretty sexy too! Any why not, having combined herself with the hot professor, Tom Berrington III, who just happens to be blind,

When Tom won the MondoMegaLottery last year, he unknowingly set in motion a MegaMondo plan to relieve him of all that dosh, and move it all into someone else’s care. With the addition of Otis (now a security specialist whom Tom and Allie met last year) to their little household, life changed drastically for all of them. Otis is a former detective who had heart surgery after that earlier escapade, but he’s been given the green light to resume his life again, and happily joins T & A to help them along.

They can no longer live in either Tom’s little house or Allie’s even smaller house. No room in either for Otis plus all the security system he deems necessary. So they’re all now in residence in one of Cleveland’s show-mansions on Lake Erie, slightly NE of downtown Cleveland, in the tony suburb of Bratenahl. But what the hey? Tom can afford it.

However, evil will not give up easily, not with all that lovely MondoMegaMoney hanging around – somewhere—just waiting for new owners to claim it. And thus begins a chase unlike any others. As usual, you can’t always tell the good guys from the bad guys, but when these bad guys are bad, they’re REALLY bad! With the help of Margo (Allie’s BFF) and Tony, Margo’s policeman friend, plus Lisa the TV reporter responsible for bringing Tom and Allie together in the first place, the crew is ready to tackle anyone. Or so they think.

Just when you think you know all (or at least most) of the tricks of technology, it is quickly brought home to you how little you really do know. And the lack of this knowledge is beyond scary.  Add in the usual big-city problems of the sort that pepper our daily news — ‘scrapping’, the many lethal drugs of choice in today’s world, plus the prevalence of personal arsenals, and heads literally roll all over the place!  Or else disappear entirely.

Hang on. It’ll be a somewhat bumpy road before the finish line becomes clear to the participants.  Terrific story on every level: mystery, suspense, romance — you name it.



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