VIDEO: Virtual Tour of Mahall’s Apartment

Wednesday 3/7 @ 8PM

Through the bar and behind the door, you’ll find a staircase. If you climb the stairs, you will enter the secret room, Mahall’s Apartment.

Well, the secret’s out now! Mahall’s 20 Lanes adds a third stage/art gallery for private events, in addition to their Main Stage and Locker Room.  Mahall’s Apartment curator, Dylan Glover gave CoolCleveland’s Stephan Haluska a tour of the upstairs space.

With its typical Lakewood residential charm, Mahall’s Apartment hosts invite-only shows booking experimental music, jazz, ambient and your other eclectic fare with the intimate feel of a house show. Mahall’s Apartment also hosts art exhibitions, currently showing the work of local artist Michael Marefka.


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