Cleveland Public Theatre Launches New Works During Five Weekends of “Test Flight”

Thu 3/22-Sat 4/21

One thing you can always count on Cleveland Public Theatre for is presenting theater pieces in various stages of development. Over the years, they’ve presented many serious of works-in-progress, giving presenters and audience alike the opportunity to watch the pieces develop.

Test Flight 2018, which runs weekends through Sat 4/21, showcases new works prepping for fuller productions down the road.

Says CPT, “We believe this series is part of a larger story of CPT’s expanding role in the national theatre field, our core membership in the National New Play Network utilized as a platform to launch underrepresented/under-produced playwright-creators (particularly women and people of color), and how this work is raising the profile of Cleveland as far as developing theatre that is outside of the mainstream.”

Over the five weekends, Test Flight 2018 will present seven works, starting in week one with Everything Is OK (and Other Helpful Lies), created by Melissa Crum & Caitlin Lewins. It’s described as a “dark musical comedy … a celebration of the not-so-happy ways in which we persevere, grow, and change – whether we want to or not.” Each weekend will feature a different single work or double bill.

Read about all of them here.

Friday is free beer night when you can mingle with the artists and talk about the show in a casual atmosphere with, yes, free drinks. The opening party for the series is Fri 3/23.

Tickets are $12-$18.


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