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Sat 5/07 @ 10AM

Cleveland VegFest is back for its 3rd year, and it’s bigger and better than ever! Whether you’re interested in the health aspects, climate change or environmental issues, Cleveland VegFest is the place for you to learn and experience the wonderful benefits of vegan living.

Produced by the Cleveland Vegan Society, with major funding from Title Sponsor Jakprints, the local animal rights activist group has banded together to help bring the vegan message to the larger population of Northeast Ohio.

“We felt that creating an annual VegFest was the the most effective means for reaching and educating the public about the reasons and benefits of vegan living,” shares Jack McMillan, founding member and Treasurer of the group.

There has been a tremendous increase and interest in veganism over the past several years. The vegan movement is changing the way people eat and their relationships toward food, animals and health.

 “The vegan message is of critical importance not only to the animals we exploit for food, but to our health, our planet and the millions of starving humans,” Jack explains. “60 billion land animals and trillions of fishes are murdered every year for consumption. This alone is a critically important issue. Veganism is an ethic of respect and non-exploitation for our fellow beings on this Earth.
“Additionally, an animal-based diet is detrimental to our health,” he continues. “It is the leading cause of the epidemic of cancer, heart disease, obesity, and the myriad other diseases and health conditions plaguing our society. A plant-based diet is the answer to those problems. Plus, animal agriculture is the single greatest contributor to climate change, ocean depletion and acidification, species extinction, biodiversity loss, rainforest destruction, the pollution of our lakes and streams, and the overall degradation of our ecosystems. 800 million humans in the world are either starving or food deprived, because most of the food we grow goes to feeding farm animals instead of feeding people. These are all critical issues that we seek to educate the public about with our Cleveland VegFest.”
The event features national and local speakers, a huge vegan food court, a cruelty-free marketplace, a vegan cafe with live music, children’s activities,and film screenings all day, including the award-winning documentary Cowspiracy, with a panel discussion after.

Cleveland VegFest takes place Sat 5/07 from 10am-8pm at the Cleveland Convention Center.  It’s free to attend, yet organizers are suggesting a $5 donation from attendees to help with funding the shindig.

“This is an event for everyone,” says Jack. “What I am most excited about is the fact that the interest in veganism is so great that it takes a venue as large as the Cleveland Convention Center to satisfy the demand of the public for the vegan message and experience. This will be truly a major event for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.”

Cleveland Vegan Society

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