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Six Degrees of Vincent officially opened to the public in Cleveland Fri 6/26 at the Good Goat Gallery. The show will run until 8/29 and is free to attend. The only cost is to look at art and fall in love.

#SixDegreesOfVincent will become a traveling, ongoing, international art show, hosted by different galleries from around the world, connecting established artists, new artists, galleries and Vincent Price. Proceeds will go towards the new Vincent Price Scholarship Foundation to help college students succeed in the arts. The show features artists from all over the country, including Cleveland artists Douglas Max Utter, Sergio Andujar and Good Goat Gallery owner Nancy Cintron.

“What’s unique about this show?…It’s about Vincent Price! Each talented artist put their hearts into every piece, coming from a different angles and variant styles. Everyone had a story to tell,” says Cintron. “He’s a greatly admired iconic pop culture icon that  is irreplaceable. There has never been anyone else out there like him. He also has the most recognizable voice. So even if you think you don’t know him, you do from Thriller. He was the narrator and one who laughed. The last film he was in was Edward Scissorhands. He was the endearing inventor that died, right as he was surprising Edward with his new hands.”

Vincent Price was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He studied art history at Yale and went off to England to work towards a graduate degree in art history. It was there that he fell in love with the theater. He landed the lead male role as Prince Albert in the play Victoria Regina. It was from there that his acting career began and never ceased. Even to this day, his films are immortalized. He was also an art historian and avid art collector who started the Vincent Price Art Museum in Los Angeles. 

People should not only expect to see the iconic and classy Vincent Price, but the finest collection of art all put together in one gallery. 

When you see the art, take a really good look at it and see what it says to you,” says Cintron. “Look at it and feel the love that went into it. I was so excited when all the art was coming in. I cried a lot over all the beauty. I was so touched by the love that people put into their art. Mostly, I was thrilled to unveil it in a private preview with the daughter of Vincent Price, Victoria Price. She came to Cleveland and gave an inspirational speech about her father and his love of art. She left everyone feeling more enlightened.  Now I am so thrilled to unveil the show to the public.”

This event is for anyone who loves art and for anyone who hasn’t been fortunate enough to experience it.

“It is a truly magnificent event with so much to see. It will leave you with a lasting impression of a man that could never be replaced and the finest work of art in one gallery,” Nancy concludes. 

The gallery is open during summer hours: Thursdays & Fridays 1-6PM and Saturdays 1-4PM. The gallery is also open during classes and by appointment. A closing artists’ reception will take place on Friday, August 21st from 6-9PM. The Good Goat Gallery will also be posting a few classes and workshops for the end of July and August.  

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