Peachtree Southern Kitchen & Cocktails


Hudson’s Peachtree Southern Kitchen & Cocktails was created by Matthew Mathlage, formerly of Light Bistro, but it’s a very different sort of place. His food, which he calls “progressive American,” follows in the footsteps of Parker Bosley, whose restaurant previously occupied the Light Bistro space, with locally grown produce, organic ingredients and plenty of vegetarian food alongside the steaks and chops.

Mathlage does new things with familiar ingredients so diners have an anchor in the familiar while expanding their palates. And yes, as the name suggests, there’s a southern theme running through the menu in things like spicy chicken cracklins, fried green tomatoes, beignets, crawfish sloppy joes and yes, of course, peach cobbler. An ample wine, beer and cocktail list washes it down.

200 N. Main Street, Hudson





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