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Zygote Press is an artist-run, fine art print shop in Cleveland, Ohio. Founded fifteen years ago, in 1996, Zygote’s 6,500-sq. ft facilities include intaglio, lithography, relief, screenprinting, letterpress equipment, digital lab and a fully operational darkroom. We offer individual studio/locker spaces to artists members, exhibitions in our gallery, a traveling print archive, 5 mobile outreach units for off-site print instruction in the community and an international residency exchange supported through the Ohio Arts Council with a print shop in Dresden, Germany.

Zygote Press is the only open access print studio in the Cleveland area and is the largest in the state of Ohio. For years, Zygote Press has contributed to the revitalization of a burgeoning cultural district in Cleveland’s inner city, recently coined the “Arts Quarter”. We are committed to providing program-driven resources for emerging and established artists, allowing them to continue making work, exhibit, and earn income through sales and teaching opportunities. Our primary activities initiate and facilitate projects with professional artists to create active environments where artists, students and the public interact.






Josh Usmani: Funny Money

Memeography: Iconography in the 21st Century

If you google the work “Icon,” and go to the Merriam-Webster listing, the first definition that comes up has to do with computers: It’s “a small picture on a computer screen that represents a program or function”. Then come the older, more conventional meanings: “a person who is very successful and admired,” or a “widely known symbol.”

Of course if any image on your computer is iconic, it’s very likely to become a “meme.” Zygote press explores the territory between the two in Memeography: Iconography in the 21st Century. The show presents works of artists as image makers who play both in the making of icons, and the riffing on them, as memes. Curated by Bellamy Printz and Jennifer Finkel, the exhibit includes works by Claudio Orso, Amber Kempthorne, Mike Wallace, Christa Donner, Arabella Proffer, Josh Usmani, and others. Memeography: Iconography in the 21st Century runs June 12 – July 30, 2015. An opening reception will be held from 6 – 8 pm Friday, June 19.

The exhibit is curated by Jennifer Finkel and Bellamy Printz, Both Printz and Finkel are curators in the Cleveland Clinic Art Program. Printz is co-founder and Board President of Zygote Press. 


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