Quonset Hut

The Quonset Hut is a Canton institution. When it opened in 1969, it was a mecca for young people in his small city, bringing them a taste of the hippie/freak culture then sweeping the country, offering clothing, including Levi’s, beaded jewelry and smoking (heh heh) accessories. During the ’70s it morphed into a record store, THE place to go for all the classic rock that was then brand new.

As music moved from the physical to the virtual, the Quonset Hut transitioned back to something closer to its original incarnation in 2005, with lots of contemporary updates. Jewelry, clothing and smoking needs (now with modern vaping items) are back, along with disc golf and skateboard equipment, teas, adult toys and greeting cards, and a metaphysical department.

Quonset Hut is open from 10am-9pm Mondays-Saturdays and 11am-6pm Sundays.

3775 Cleveland Avenue NW



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