The Agora


Cleveland’s longest running rock club, the Agora, has been at three locations. Originally opened as a college club at Case Western Reserve in 1966 by long-time owner Henry LoConti, it moved downtown to E. 24th Street in 1967, where it became the city’s flagship concert club until a fire closed it in 1984. Two years later, it opened at its current location on E. 50th and Euclid in the former WHK Auditorium.

No longer a college hangout with cover bands on the weekend, it strictly features concerts by both touring and local bands, primarily those on the heavy end of the spectrum in its two rooms: a 500-seat ballroom and a 2,000 capacity theater. While LoConti passed away in 2014, he passed the torch to former Peabody’s owner Chris Zitterbart after that club was evicted by Cleveland State’s expansion.

5000 Euclid Avenue



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