Broadway Historic District


Also known as South Broadway, this district is a neighborhood settled by Eastern Europeans, especially those of Czech origin, evidenced by the landmark Bohemian National Hall right on Broadway, just north of the main intersection of Broadway Avenue and East 55th Street.

100 Years ago the intersection of Broadway Avenue and East 55th Street on Cleveland’s Southeast side would have been a bustle of activity. Today the area is still a busy shopping district for the neighborhood with many retail stores and restaurants.

Streetcars no longer zip down Broadway and have been replaced by buses, but people can now easily bike and hike through the neighborhood as well on Morgana Run Trail. This paved pathway connects the Broadway Historic District via greenways that are carved out of no-longer-used industrial corridors to the neighborhood’s parks. A waterfall, the tow path and a golf course can be accessed by bike via Morgana Run trail, fostering a neighborhood inclination toward a more physically fit lifestyle.

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