Lucy Restaurant

In early 2018, Lucy Restaurant and Bar opened in Old Brooklyn, bringing to three the number of Cleveland’s Ethiopian restaurants, a niche Empress Taytu on St Clair had to itself for more than two decades. (Zoma in Cleveland Heights opened in 2017). Both owner and chef hail from Ethiopia; the place serves not only Cleveland’s growing Ethiopian community but others quickly discovering this vegetarian-friendly cuisine, which features copious amounts of lentils, chick peas, greens and split peas.

Lucy converted the old Casablanca Bar and Restaurant on Broadview into an eatery serving this east African cuisine family-style, with vegetables, grains, meat and fish stews scooped up with the traditional sponge-y flatbread called injera. Forthge unadventurous who might be put off by the ethnic spices, the menu also includes some basic bar foods including burgers, mozzarella sticks, breaded mushrooms and chicken wings.

Lucy also has a list of beers, wines and an Ethiopian mead called tejj as well as a traditional Ethiopian coffee service where the beans are roasted, ground and brewed at the guests’ table.

2218 Broadview


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