Play It Again Sam


Vinyl’s back but where will you ever find a good turntable — or a needle of your old one? If you are looking for vintage audio gear, Lakewood’s Play It Again Sam is the place to go. You’ll probably need to stop in often because the in-and-out flow of top-of-the-line used components is constant. Some of it’s listed on their website, but you may want to stop in and browse to see their full selection of reconditioned and warranteed equipment and talk to their experienced staff.

The shop also specializes in repairs to vintage home audio to keep that old gear as good as new. In addition, it carries accessories such as needles, lubricants, speaker wire, microphones and tape, along with a selection of jazz, blues, classical and rock vinyl you’ll want to play again — and again.

14311 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio


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