Magic and Improv Come Together for Two Shows

Sat 11/27 @ 3PM & 7PM

Scriptless in Seattle is not from Seattle. The young improv group is based in Cleveland and is carrying on the tradition of improv comedy that flourished in town back in the 2000s. Like most improv groups, their one of-a-king shows, which they perform in venues such has coffeehouses and churches, are based on audience suggestions.

But now they’re really going to shake it up, combining their improv comedy with … magic. We can’t imagine how this is going to work but the ensemble is partnering, with Paul in One Magic, created by Paul Gunsalus, who says, “I had dabbled a bit in the improv realm and still use a lot of the same skills in my magic career.”

If you want to see what this combination with yield, they’ll be performing a pair of shows at the Mercury Theater Depot (1668 East 40th Street, Cleveland) on Saturday November 27.

Tickets are $10 and each show is limited to 65 people. Make your reservations here.


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