Discussion Looks at Oberlin’s Electronic Music & the Arts Program

Thu 6/4 @ 7:30PM

More than fifty years ago, Oberlin College, already known worldwide for its outstanding conservatory program, dipped its toe into electronic and computer music, the first small undergraduate school to offer such courses. Just a few years later, it created its TIMARA program — Technology in Music and Related Arts — to study the intersection of music with other art forms such as theater, dance, video and film. And in 1987, it created a complete electronic/computer music curriculum leading to a B.A. music degree. In the 2019-20 school year, it had planned a series of events to celebrate 50 years of electronic music at Oberlin, some of which took place before the pandemic, while others did not.

But this week’s edition of Oberlin Stage Left: Summer Edition will be devoted to the TIMARA program, hosted by faculty members Peter Swendsen, Tom Lopez and Aurie Hsu. They’ll look at the different approaches to bringing together electroacoustic composition and movement, to connect music with those other art forms.

You can listen in on the conversation, starting Thursday June 4, here.


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