Small Lakewood Company Creates an Ear Guard to Make Mask-Wearing Easier

We’ve heard about large manufacturers retooling to making masks and ventilators, distilleries, such as Cleveland Whiskey and Lakewood’s Western Reserve Distillers, turning from production of whiskey and gin to producing hand sanitizer.

Even a small, family-owned product design/manufacturing company has gotten into the act. Quinn Hale, owner of Copper Kerf LLC, located in Lakewood’s noted Lake Erie Building aka the “Screw Factory,” has invented his own pandemic product.

“We love coming up with unique solutions to challenging problems, and every day we work hard to be supportive of the creative process,” his press release tells us.

What he’s come up with is the “Oubie Loop,” an ear guard that makes mask wearing more comfortable. The loop, made from food-grade silicone, rests behind your head as it connects to the cords of your mask on each side, relieving pressure on your ears. And it comes in six bright colors to coordinate with a range of outfits. They’re $7.99 each and can be shipped or picked up at the Screw Factory. Go here to learn more and order.


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  1. Great article! Love our Oubie Loops!!

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