Lake Erie Ink Offers a Full Schedule of Youth Writing Classes Online


Cleveland Heights-based Lake Erie Ink is a nonprofit dedicated to encouraging kids to write and giving them tools to learn how to express themselves creatively.

Normally they have a full roster of classes, work shops and other events at their space at the Coventry PEACE Campus. Clearly, now they do not. But they ARE offering a variety of engaging programs under the banner of Creative Communities, via Zoom meetings where participants can talk, ask questions and share feedback about their writing.

They include everything from a challenge to write 30 poems for National Poetry Month (April), which meets Mondays and Wednesdays, to Tuesday sessions to create collaborative comics, to a Dungeons and Dragons campaign on Thursday evenings for older kids and recycled crafting for younger kids on Tuesdays. Learn to write comedy, craft a college admissions essay or connect with other LGBTQ youth.

Space is limited, so they’re asking you only sign up for programs you are really interested in. Register here.

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