Meows & Purrs Will Fill the Cedar Lee Theatre at CatVideoFest

Sat 2/29 @ 11AM

Sun 3/1 @ 11AM & 1PM

We were alarmed to read recently that watching cat videos online helps drive climate change. No, it’s not about the content and all that energy your cat expends sleeping 22 hours a day: it’s due to energy use by data centers — and the fact that cats are allegedly the second most popular topic on the Internet after porn.

Perhaps watching those videos in a social situation might cut that energy use at least a tiny bit. So come on down to the Cedar Lee Theatre where the popular CatVideoFest will once again be in residence of three showings. The hour-and-a-half presentation gathers together video clips of all types from submissions and popular cat websites — both live cats and animations. Come share the joy with other feline lovers!

This is a national tour that at each stop donates part of the proceeds to a local cat rescue, shelter or other pet-welfare organization. In Cleveland, that’s the Euclid Beach Cat Project, which manages feral colonies, fosters social cats and finds homes for them. Tickets are $12.50.


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