MANSFIELD: Vote Groves for 8th District Court of Appeals

Oftentimes voters don’t pay enough attention to the down-ballot candidates, reasoning they are not as important as the first names seen near the top of the ticket. However, the opposite is true. The contests for judgeships are usually near the end of the printed ballot, but the outcomes of these races are probably more important to the citizenry than any other.

Judges have far more to say regarding how society operates than any other officials, either appointed or elected, and Judge Emmanuella D. Groves, who has been sitting on Cleveland’s municipal bench for close to two decades has probably published more opinions than all of the other candidates in the race for retiring Judge Patricia Ann Blackmon’s seat on Ohio’s 8th District Court of Appeals combined.

Judge Groves has won the endorsement of virtually every group in the county — including the NAACP and the Shaker Heights Democratic Club — and has earned an excellent rating (the highest) from all five bar associations in the county. Additionally, endorsements from elected officials across the county have poured in.

Presiding over the mental health court docket is what Judge Groves says has given her the most satisfaction.

“On that bench, I’ve been able to use the law and the resources of the court to improve the lives and outcomes for the people that appear in our courtroom,” said Groves. “Working with other professionals we are able to determine what the stumbling blocks are in their lives and assist them in overcoming their challenges … it’s been very satisfying.”

There can be no questioning of Judge Groves’ experience, dedication, or compassion to dispense justice in a fair and even-handed manner. The only question is, will you go down ballot and vote for a jurist that deserves your approval? Put Emmanuella D. Groves on Ohio’s 8th District Court of Appeals.


From CoolCleveland correspondent Mansfield B. Frazier Frazier’s From Behind The Wall: Commentary on Crime, Punishment, Race and the Underclass by a Prison Inmate is available in hardback. Snag your copy and have it signed by the author at http://NeighborhoodSolutionsIn

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  1. Ruth

    I live in South Euclid and I will be voting for Groves. It is a shame what Groves’ opponent (Judge Byers) has done to my city. I supported Judge Byers when she ran in 2013 and 2017, but never again. She has wasted taxpayer dollars on travel, angered residents, can’t afford to pay court employees, and then sued the city! There has been a lot more things that haven’t been reported too.

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