Don’t Get Shut Out: Voter Registration Deadline is Tue 2/18

Tue 2/18

Will Super Tuesday — March 3 — be the end of the Democratic primary with one candidate emerging as the clear leader in the presidential race? Or will it still be up in the air, as it is now, with half a dozen candidates still in the hunt? Anything can happen, and it’s entirely possible that Ohio’s primary on March 17 (yeah, it’s St. Patrick’s Day but you can vote early, either in person at the board of elections or by mail) will actually have a say in who the nominee will be.

But if YOU want to have a say, get on it NOW. Alas, Ohio has one of the earliest voter registration deadlines in the country — Tuesday February 18. You can register online at the Ohio Secretary of State’s website.

And given the voter purges in Ohio, which were found to have cancelled thousands of voter registrations in error, and many more were cancelled because the person hadn’t voted in a while or had moved and forgotten to change their address, it’s a good idea to check with your board of elections to make sure you are still registered.

Do it now!

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