Belt U at the Happy Dog Looks at What Maps Reveal About Cleveland

Wed 10/9 @ 7PM

Belt University, sponsored by Cleveland-based Belt Publishing, is a monthly series of talks by the company’s authors and staff on a variety of subjects, ranging from the arts to politics to civil affairs.

On Wed 10/9, the topic is Mapping Cleveland: Inquires Into Data Collection. It’ll be hosted by cartographer Evan Tachovsky, a Bedford, Ohio, native who now lives In New York City. Along with Dan Crissman and David Wilson, he co-wrote the new Belt book, Cleveland in 50 Maps. It looks how Cleveland and its topography has changed over the years and what that says about the city’s people, its economy, its pastimes and more, larded with fun facts like the spate of new ethnicities being added to the 100-year-old Cultural Gardens in the last several decades and year-to-year attendance at “The Jake,” a location which you will no longer find on any map.

The event takes place at the Happy Dog in Gordon Square. It’s free.



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