Talk (or Dress) Like a Pirate at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Thu 9/19 @ 10AM-4PM

Once again the Greater Cleveland Aquarium will be celebrating one of the silliest of days dedicated to something or another, when it honors International Talk Like a Pirate Day, a purely fun things started back in 1995.

If you come to the Aquarium dressed as a pirate or figure out your pirate name, you get $5 off admission. And since you’re dressed like that there will be some pirate-themed activities of course, such as the chance to make and race a soap pirate ship (11am-3pm), and meet land-shark Finn (2pm). If you’re just interested in knowing more about underwater life, you can meet and ask questions of SCUBA divers (11:15am and 1:30pm) and feed stingrays (3pm)

Great Cleveland Aquarium

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