Artist Paul Spina’s Work Goes On View at Shaker Historical Society

Fri 9/13 @ 6-8PM

Artist Paul Spina, a native New Yorker who moved to northeast Ohio and died here in 2017, was a fine artist and commercial illustrator, known for his candy-colored pop art-style works that incorporate cartoonish characters and objects from every-day life. One of his signatures is a Good & Plenty candy shape that tumbles through many of his paintings and drawings.

His website tells us, “Paul’s highly autobiographical pieces tell the story of growing up during World War II and bearing witness to the horrific personal testimonies of his uncles, then serving in the Armed Forces abroad. Going to the movies with his father — many times to watch World War II dramas — and eating Good N Plenty candy, provided an escape and diversion from the heaviness of the era. These joyful and innocent childhood moments were juxtaposed against the gruesome imaginings of war fuelled by the experiences of his uncles. This stark contrast is a recurring theme in Paul’s work, as he struggled to make sense of his protected childhood innocence — against the backdrop of War and the growth of America as an international power.”

The Shaker Historical Society’s Lissauer Gallery will be showing some of his work in Paul Spina — Image as a Poem: Works on Paper. The opening reception on Fri 9/13 @ 6-8pm is free and open to all. The show remains on view through Sun 11/3.

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