Wear Orange Open Mic Talks About Gun Safety

Sat 6/8 @ 4PM

Lit Cleveland, Twelve Literary Arts and Cleveland Moms Demand Action are staging an open mic in solidarity with Everytown for Gun Safety’s Wear Orange campaign, asking community members to share their poetry and writing on the issue of gun violence and gun safety. Cleveland and its neighbors are equally susceptible to the nonsensical and preventable gun violence that becomes more normalized every day that our government ignores it. 

On May 31st, 12 individuals were shot at their workplaces in Virginia Beach — a tragedy that has barely made national headlines. Not to mention the domestic gun violence that prevails every day within communities. Not to mention the continued police brutality in Black communities. Not to mention that accidental deaths of children who are in homes with unsecured firearms. I could go on.

Mass shootings are just one of the many tentacles that gun violence, and just one of the subjects that will be addressed on Sat 6/8 from 4-6pm at the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning. Come with friends to share writings and listen to others. 



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